Types Of Asian Wedding Photography

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A wedding is a grand affair that includes a lot of rituals and practices along with fun. If you are an Indian and have permanently settled abroad, you will surely want someone to guide you through the rituals of an Asian wedding. For the best outcomes, hire Asian wedding photographer in London.

When it comes to an Asian wedding, a photoshoot is an integral part of it. You want to retain those memories and capture the moments of the special day. However, not all Asian wedding cultures are the same. Each of them has something different and unique. In this blog, we will cover the different types of Asian wedding photography with various precious moments.

The different types of Asian wedding photography are as follows:

  1. Bengali wedding photography

A Bengali wedding is a five-day affair where a photographer will get enough opportunity to click beautiful pictures. One of the spectacular moments in a Bengali wedding is the ‘Sindoor-Daan,’ where the groom smears vermilion on the bride’s head. This is considered a sign of marriage among the Bengalis. Besides, the photographer can click pictures of the reception day.

  • Hindu wedding photography

One of the photographers’ primary aspects that should be captured in a Hindu wedding is the Saat Phere. This is a ritual where both the bride and the groom have to take seven rounds around the pyre of fire. In a Hindu wedding, the bride and groom’s relatives and friends come in to bless the couple and pray for their well-being. Besides, a photographer at an Indian wedding can capture the couple’s moments in some fun games, and all other guests have a great time.

  • Muslim wedding photography

Compared to a Hindu or Sikh wedding, a Muslim wedding is shorter. Also, they vary immensely due to their difference in culture. However, in a Muslim wedding, a photographer should capture the moment of Nikah, where the bride and the groom are asked to sign the contract of their marriage. Another impressive moment to be captured during a Muslim wedding is when both the partners lock the marriage between them by uttering the words ‘Qubool Hain.’ Hire Asian wedding photographer in London.

  • Punjabi wedding photography

One of the most impressive factors about a Punjabi wedding ceremony is its elaborate and grand wedding guests. On the day of a Punjabi wedding, the bride and the groom are blessed by the localities. They all wish for the long lives of the couple and prosperity and happiness. Hence, you can expect to see a thousand guests arriving at a Punjabi wedding. The bride gets decked up in elegant clothes and ornaments. Also, the venue is decorated with a lot of lights. For capturing the moments of a Punjabi wedding, this grandeur, pomp, and show are what grab the eyeballs of many.  

  • Sikh wedding photography

In a Sikh wedding, the photographer will not have to retouch the images like the wedding itself looks so grand. Instead, the groom arrives on horseback with a sword by his side to meet the bride’s family and take her along with him to start a new life. Generally, a Sikh wedding carries on for two to three days. The engagement takes place on the first day, an excellent opportunity for photographers to capture breathtaking moments.


Now that you know the different types of Asian wedding photographs, it will not be difficult to capture the best moments.