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Documents required for LEI Registration - LEI Worldwide


(Regulated trading facilities) eventually came under the responsibility of overseeing securities.  This allocation was significant because the OTF trading platform had not been regulated in any way before.  In addition, investor protection has been improved, as securities service providers disclose the total cost as well as the impact on returns, and reflect the cost of the product and service differently.  This means that consumers are better informed about the cost of financial services.  Other points of MiFID II relating to the responsibilities of keeping records in investment advisory, or staff qualification requirements among financial portfolio managers. Visit for more.

No LEI – no trade.

 These guidelines enable greater transparency and security for all individuals and companies trading in securities.  However, it also means that trade is possible only if these individuals or companies present a valid LEI, i.e. a legal entity identifier. This applies not only to banks or brokers but also to companies that hold securities as part of their corporate assets.  Companies include legal entities (Limited, Inc., etc.) as well as freelancers and self-employed individuals.

What is the function of LEI?

What information is required to register for LEI?

Our platform is built on the principles of PbD (Privacy by Design) and complies with the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Where possible, we have reduced the input required for the LEI application.  Because we have access to a variety of data sources, your company’s general master data is usually sufficient for us to complete LEI registration.

Legal entity identifier

Legal Entity Identifier is a unique 20-letter long code number based on the ISO 17442 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). With the help of LEI, the necessary information about the parties involved in financial transactions can be easily referenced.  It serves as a global directory providing the much needed transparency, ownership structure details and relevant details of the parties involved for the benefit of all concerned.

LEI code structure

 The LEI code does not have a built-in intelligence or country code that would cause confusion and complexity for users.  It is based on four simple principles: – 1. It is a world standard.  2. Each legal entity is assigned a unique identifier.  3. It is publicly available, free for all users.  4. Supports a high level of data quality.  The LEI code consists of 20 characters and the following structures: -The letters 1-4 are unique to each Lou (Local Operating Unit) and are affixed by the ROC Secretariat.  – Letters are 5-6 protected letters (00).  – Letters 7-18 refer to the 12 letters that have been assigned to a particular entity through the Lou based on transparent and correct allocation policies.

How to get a legal entity identifier in India.

It is very easy to get a legal entity identification code in India. The online LEI application form only takes a few minutes.  Any representative of the company can apply on behalf of the organization.

These websites also provide information on how to obtain LEI, which specificallycomplies with the general rules laid down by the ROC:

* Self-Registration: Only LEI-eligible entities or their authorized representatives can obtain LEI codes.  Permission from the LEI Registrar to register LEI through a third party is considered to meet the requirements of self-registration only if the Registrar has given clear permission for such registration.

 * The LOU will collect at least one set of reference data on the entity (e.g. entity name and address; see LEI for a detailed list).


Some of these registries serve a specific country while others provide services to organizations around the world. They may vary in available languages, as well as the facility to bulk register multiple companies, and the price, among others. We invite you to check the websites of these registries to find the one that suits your needs.